The DePaço’s Donates to Police Unity Tour

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Surrogate Heather Darling and Deputy Surrogate Chris Luongo presented plaques to Caesar and Deanna DePaço in recognition of the DePaço’s generous donations, both personally and through their business Summit Nutritionals International, to the Police Unity Tour.

The DePaços are long-standing supporters of law enforcement, having donated dozens of police K-9s to departments throughout New Jersey, Florida, and elsewhere. In addition, the DePaços have donated beds, food, and other supplies in an effort to support law enforcement officers in their efforts to serve and protect the public.

Morris County Surrogate Heather Darling will be riding in the annual Police Unity Tour, currently scheduled to take place in October 2021 after being canceled last year and rescheduled from May to October 2021. Darling has publicly supported law enforcement for years and is a member of the 200 Club of Morris County and IAPSNJ (Italian American Police Society of NJ), and past contributor to the Blue Magazine and Blue Magazine Radio.

According to the Police Unity Tour website, in 1997, Florham Park Police Officer Patrick Montuore conceived of a four-day, 310 mile, bicycle ride from New Jersey to Washington, DC to raise public awareness about law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, and to ensure that their sacrifice is never forgotten. Montuore’s vision is now known as the Police Unity Tour. The secondary purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial.

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