Sheriff Darrin J. Russo thanks Caesar and Deanna DePaço

From Sheriff Darrin J. Russo

This donation will allow the Sheriff’s Office to expand our K-9 program and purchase a complete and fully equipped Ford Utility Interceptor vehicle, including a radio system, additional emergency lighting and all K-9 safety and deployment equipment.  During these recent difficult economic times, county budgets are limited and we are often asked to do more with less. Without Dr. Caesar and Deanna DePaço’s support, we would not have been able to proceed with this purchase at this time.

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office K-9’s are an intricate part of our organization’s mission as we routinely assist all the area police departments as well as building community relationships with all the residents of Somerset County.

We can’t adequately express how truly grateful we are for Dr. Caesar and Deanna DePaço’s continued support to the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.  They have made a significant difference in our ability to fulfill our mission and serve the residents of Somerset County.

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