Summit Nutritionals International & Local Law-Enforcement

I was most disheartened to read the attached link this morning, infra regarding the new regulations imposed upon our local Police Departments in the State of New Jersey and the assistance they may give to the Federal Law Enforcement Officials. It appears that New Jersey is following the catastrophic path of other states relative to their policies in assisting ICE in the pursuit of their duties. In a civilized society there must be a rule of law that is maintained and followed. In our great nation, we of course have local laws, which are superseded by Federal Laws. The new regulations which are being imposed by the State of New Jersey appear to be in direct contravention of Federal Law. In fact, they will frustrate the Federal Law Enforcement Officers of ICE from pursuing their duties.
I am a long time and fervent supporter of law enforcement in our communities throughout this great nation. They are our true last line of defense in this ever increasingly dangerous world. My support of course extends to the goals of the Federal Enforcement Officers’ in maintaining the Federal Law of the United States. While it is true that the United States was to a large extent, built on immigration of people throughout the world, there is a very specific and detailed set of rules which govern the manner in which individuals may pursue this dream of immigrating to this great country. As with any other laws and rules, it is paramount to the maintenance of order that these rules and laws are abided by and followed.
While I greatly appreciate the dedication of our local police departments and truly want to continue in my support towards their efforts, I cannot support the proposed regulations. If our local Police Departments, throughout the nation, undertake to override the provisions of the Federal Laws and in so doing frustrate the Federal Law Enforcement Officers in the performance of their duties, I will have no choice but to discontinue my support of these Police Departments. It is a position that I must assert, although it pains me to have to reject these officers for whom I have the utmost respect.
The Federal Laws must be followed and to place local law enforcement at odds with those laws is nonsensical and unacceptable. These mandates must be reversed to maintain order. I truly hope that those responsible for these new regulations sees the error in their ways and restore prior practices.

Caesar DePaço
Founder & CEO
Summit Nutritionals International Inc.

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