Luso Americano – Dr. Caesar de Paço e esposa já ofereceram dezenas de unidades caninas às polícias americanas.

The Honorary Consul of Portugal in Palm Coast, Dr. Caesar DePaço and his wife, Deanna Padovani – DePaço, have generously provided numerous canine units to police departments throughout the United States. Caesar & Deanna are residents of New Jersey and own the nutritional supplement company, Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. in Branchburg, New Jersey. The couple enjoys trekking across the country equipping police departments with canines that  provide protection to both the officers and the community.

A canine trained for law enforcement purposes, depending on their ability and training, can cost about $10,000. As much in New Jersey as in many other American cities, canine units are in action thanks to the initiative of Caesar DePaço and his wife, Deanna.

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