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Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:48 PM
Subject: Droi-Kon ®

My 2 year old pit bull, Keiko,  suffers from minor tears in the ligaments of both knees.  I had been giving her some of the standard chondroitin supplements out there for a long time but they didn’t seem to make a difference.  Having to constantly manage her exercise was extremely difficult given her high energy.  Allowing her to run or take lengthy walks caused extreme discomfort for her.  After 3 months of using Droi-Kon ® chondroitin sulfate, I haven’t seen any limping and she hasn’t shown any signs of pain after our long park hikes and rough housing with her brother.  At her check up last month, her veterinarian also commented on how Keiko didn’t even react when she checked her knees.  I firmly believe that Droi-Kon ® has kept her knees from progressively getting worse allowing us to focus on building strength in the joints.  Thank you so much!

Sarah McGeehan


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