Christopher Aversa on Droi-Kon ® Chondroitin Sulfate

To: Dr. Caesar DePaço, Summit Nutritionals International™

Re: Droi-Kon ®


Dr. DePaço,

On behalf of myself and my K9 partner Uno, I would like to thank you for your assistance and guidance with your Droi-Kon ® Chondroitin.

This winter I noticed my K9 partner laying around a lot more and not being active, I figured it was just the winter blues. Then every day I noticed more signs, limping, frequent stretching, not wanting to go up or down the stairs in my house. I brought K9 Uno to the Vet, who stated he was very stiff and because of his age of 8, probably slightly arthritic. The Vet suggested a possible Chondroitin based product. Well, I knew exactly who to talk to about this.

In January, I contacted you and explained what was happening with K9 Uno, You said “ Don’t worry Chris, I know exactly how to help Uno”…well you did and I couldn’t be more happy.

Due to your product, Droi-Kon ®, your instruction and help, by putting 1 tablespoon of powder on Uno’s food per day, for the last 8 weeks, Uno is now running with the big dogs again. I cannot believe the change in him, he is running the yard, climbing obstacles and acting as if he were 3 years old again.

His stamina for work has increased, as well as his overall health.

I would recommend this product to every K9 handler out there, as well as members of the general public who care about their dogs as much as we do.

Again, thank you for your guidance and advancement in my K9’s health.


Sincerely Yours,

Christopher Aversa

K-9 Trainer and Handler

Scotch Plains New Jersey Police Department


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